Growing up in Venice beach in the 90's to a artistic family, Gabriel Steiner had no choice but to wind up in the world of music. He picked up piano and trumpet at a young age, and pursued jazz throughout high school and college. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BFA in Jazz and Contemplative Studies, Gabe found love in the world of music production.  He began to experiment with different genres of music including RnB, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, and Afrobeat.  Working with A-Train the Analog Kid, they released the Bay Cities EP, the self-titled first project from a musical melting pot of groove music.  Bay Cities draws on everything from Hip-Hop to Jazz, learning the magic of past greats to fuel ideas for the next generation of music.  

      In the summer of 2015, Gabe co-founded the Jazz/Funk fusion group GENR8R with longtime friend and fellow Los Angeles musician, Ian Roller. They put together an incredible group of players from all genres of music featuring the likes of grammy-winning keyboardist/producer Sam Barsh. In addition to Bay Cities and GENR8R, Gabe is a part of fellow UM graduate and LA saxophonist Alekos Syropoulos' instrumental funk project: Sensae. This group has been working on a series of videos and is currently producing and recording on a studio album, among other ventures. When he is not performing with Sensae, or writing for Bay Cities and GENR8R, Gabe can be found throughout Los Angeles jamming with The Vibrometers, LA's premiere Afro-Funk Band that features some of the top musicians the city has to offer.


       In addition to his projects, Gabe has been working regularly as a studio musician and sideman for countless artists and recording projects.  He has had the pleasure of playing with artists such as Big Gigantic and Jason Mraz, and played at festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and The International Java Jazz Festival. He has also appeared on multiple episodes of America's Got Talent and was featured as player in Netflix's Todd Glass Special. When not playing trumpet, he is in the studio working under the alias "Big Earl" with his many collaborators - the likes of which include grammy-winning Hip-Hop producer Joey Chavez, who has worked with rappers such as Dialated Peoples, Prodigy, and most recently, Eminem.  Gabe uses these experiences to better himself in writing and producing, two artforms that have stolen his heart in recent years.  As he continues to evolve, Gabe is tirelessly working with independent artists to find their sounds and together create a voice that will transcend genres.